Bio of Andersen ANG (Under construction)


Andersen Ang is a UW-Fields postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at University of Waterloo, Canada. His supervisors are Stephen Vavasis and Hans De Sterck. He completed his Ph.D in applied mathematics in October 2020, associated with the Department of mathematics and operations research at University of Mons, Belgium. His PhD supervisor was Nicolas Gillis. He received a BEng degree, in Electronic and Communication Engineering, in 2014, and a MPhil degree, in Biomedical Engineering in 2016, all from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. His research interests are general topics related to matrix and tensor factorizations, that ranged from algebra, optimization to algorithm and applications.

Previous things in UMONS, Belgium

He worked hard on his PhD during his time in Mons, Belgium. His PhD supervisor was Nicolas Gillis. His PhD jury were: Thierry Dutoit and Xavier Siebert from UMONS, Laurent Jacques and Francois Glineur from UCLouvain and Lieven De Lathauwer from KULeuven, all from Belgium.


Previous things in HKU, Hong Kong

At HKU, He received a few academic awards, worked with numerous units, served as the head teaching assistant and taught many undergraduate courses. His excellence in teaching is demonstrated by receiving teaching award 2 times in the consecutive years (2015 and 2016). He also worked with the Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative on the production of 1 MOOC (massive open online course), namely HKU03x the Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought and one SPOC (Small Private Online Course) CCST9003 Everyday Computing and the Internet, and with 1 paper published in IEEE on teaching and evaluation.

Aawards, honors

  • 2021.07 Fields Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Waterloo and the Fields Institute, Canada

  • 2020.04 Travel Award, from SIAM for SIAM OP20 (however the conference was canceled due to pandemic)

  • 2018.08 Poster hunter award, EURASIP Tensor-Based Signal Processing, KU Leuven

  • 2017.12 Travel Award, from University deli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro for the XMaths workshop

  • 2017.06 Travel Award, from ALOP Algorithmic Opimitzation Group, Universität Trier for the ALOP Autumn School

  • 2017.02 - 2021.01, European Research Council PhD Scholarship.

  • 2016.09 Outstanding Teaching Award, Dept. of EEE, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2016.08 Champion, IEEE Computational Intelligence HK Chapter Graduate Student Paper Competition 2016.

  • 2015.09 Best TA Award, Dept. of EEE, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2015.04 Talent Development Scholarship, HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund 2014-15.

  • 2014.09 - 2016.08 Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2014.08 Champion, IEEE Computational Intelligence HK Chapter FYP Competition 2014.

  • 2014.08 First Prize, IEEE EMBS HK-Macau Joint Chapter Student paper competition 2014.

  • 2013.10 EE72 K.M.Yung Scholarship, Dept. of EEE, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2013.06 HKU 81 Inclusion Fund, CEDARS, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2012.08 Certificates of Outstanding Performance, Dept. of EEE, University of Hong Kong.

  • 2012 - 2016, Research assistantships, numerous times.

  • 2012 Student Member, Hong Kong Institute of Engineer.

  • 2011 (High school, HK A-Level) Fifth in the form (Form 7), second place in Physics(AL) and second place in Chemistry(AL).

  • 2010 (High school, HK A-Level) First place in Chemistry(AL) in the form (Form 6).

On extra-curricular : music

Andersen is an amateur musician, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and self-taught arranger. He wrote for the 香港同人管弦樂團 Hong Kong Doujin Philharmonia, the Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra and Kong U Big Band. He was the former band leader of the Kong U Big Band and the former bass trombonist in the Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra.

Performance experience:

  • Hong Kong Summer Jazz Festival, 2014,2015,2016,2017

  • Performance in Hong Kong government head quarters, 2015.03.20

  • US Independence Day Celebration concert, US Consulate General Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2017.07.06

  • Various big band gigs, wind band concerts, orchestra concerts, as leader, section leader, sideman, in Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, Italy and Germany [His soundcloud (to be updated)]

  • His hobby is to arrange game music [Some of his arrangements (to be updated)]

Other stuffs

Andersen Ang’s Erdos number is 5

  • First path (in 2014)

    • Paul Erdis coauthored with Béla Bollobás : “Graphs of extremal weights”. Ars Combin. 50 (1998), 225–233.

    • Béla Bollobás coauthored with Jonathan R. Partington : “Inequalities for quadratic polynomials in Hermitian and dissipative operators”, Adv. in Math. 51 (1984), no. 3, 271–280.

    • Jonathan R. Partington coauthored with James Lam : “Rational approximation of a class of infinite-dimensional systems. I. Singular values of Hankel operators”. Math. Control Signals Systems 3 (1990), no. 4, 325–344.

    • James Lam coauthored with Y.S. Hung : “On the stability of projections of balanced realizations”, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol. 257, pp. 163-182, May 1997

    • Y.S. Hung coauthored with Andersen Ang : “Efficient Implementation and Design of A New Single-Channel Electrooculography-based Human-Machine Interface System”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Vol. 62, no. 2, pp. 179 - 183, Nov, 2014.

  • Second path (in 2019)

    • Paul Erdos coauthored with Ron Aharoni : “Optima of dual integer linear programs”, Combinatorica 8 (1988), no. 1, 13–20.

    • Ron Aharoni coauthored with Abraham Berman : “An interior points algorithm for the convex feasibility problem”, Adv. in Appl. Math. 4 (1983), no. 4, 479–489. 90C25 (52A99)

    • Abraham Berman coauthored with Robert James Plemmons : “Nonnegative matrices in the mathematical sciences”, Revised reprint of the 1979 original. Classics in Applied Mathematics, 9. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Philadelphia, PA, 1994.

    • Robert James Plemmons coauthored with Nicolas Gillis : “Sparse nonnegative matrix underapproximation and its application to hyperspectral image analysis”, Linear Algebra Appl. 438 (2013), no. 10, 3991–4007.

    • Nicolas Gillis coauthored with Andersen Ang : “Accelerating Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithms using Extrapolation”. Neural Computation, vol. 31, issue 2, pp 417-439, Feburary 2019

Andersen Ang’s Academic Genealogy

From The Mathematics Genealogy Project, he is linked with : Nicolas Gillis - François Glineur - Jacques Teghem - Paul Pierre Gillis - Théophile Henri Joseph Lepage - Théophile De Donder - Henri Poincaré - Charles Hermite - Eugène Charles Catalan- Joseph Liouville - Simeon Denis Poisson - Joseph Louis Lagrange and Pierre-Simon Laplace - Leonhard Euler - Johann Bernoulli - Jacob Bernoulli - … - and finally rooted to Nasir al-Din al-Tusi.

About his Singaporean surname

About his hair

On the day he started his PhD study, he promised himself ‘‘No PhD no hair cut’’. He cut his hair 3 years and 7 months after.