Where I have been

A log of conference, symposium, workshops and seminars that I actively (with oral, poster or paper contribution) and passively (without any contribution) participated.
Note : if a link does not work, it is possible that the organizer website changed the link .
Format : [Year]-[Month(in number)]-[Conference info]-[Comment (optional)]

  • 2018

    • Oct. EOS SeLMA seminar, ESAT, KU Leiven , Leuven, Belgium, (oral presentation)

    • Sep. Sparse Days2018, Toulouse, France, (oral presentation)

    • Sep. IEEE WHISPERS2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, (poster presentation)  —  I personally don't like this conference.

    • Sep. OR2018, Brussels, Belgium. (oral presentation)

    • Aug. EURASIP Summer School Tensor-Based Signal Processing, Leuven, Belgium. (passive participation, winner of the poster hunt prize)  —  the summer school is very good and Lieven has a very good understand on tensor and gived a series of great lectures

    • Sep. ISMP2018, Bordeaux, France. (oral presentation) – a fxxking great conference !!!! too many great people and great presentation, definitely a must go. I learned a lot from those great people. And most importantly, not the technical knowledge, but the concept of “I still have too many things to learn”

    • May. inforTech'Day 2018, Mons, Belgium. (oral presentation)

    • May. SIAM ALA18, Hong Kong. (oral presentation) – a good conference, however, some topics are not very related to mine

    • Feb. SeLMA, Leuven, Belgium. (passive participation)

    • Feb. ORBEL32, Liege, Belgium. (oral presentation)

  • 2015

    • N/A

  • 2014

    • Aug. IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter Final-Year Project Competition 2013-14, Hong Kong. (oral presentation)

    • Aug. IEEE EMBS Hong Kong-Macau Joint Chapter Student Paper Competition 2014, Hong Kong. (oral presentation)