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Pretentious number: Journal 5, Conference 13, Cited-by 334, h-index 8, Erdös 4


Research: Theoretical computer science / abstract nonsense

  • Mathematical programming for machine learning
    Continuous structural non-convex non-smooth optimization
  • Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
    Algebra Geometry Numerical analysis
  • Machine Learning applications
    Signal processing Imaging Bioinformatics
Main focus / what I do nowSecondary focus / what I do in the future
Convex analysisODE analysis of optimization
Structural optimizationSubmodularity optimization
Nonnegative matrix factorizationClifford-Grassmann algebra
TensorsSubtropical algebra
Low-rank modelsOptimal transport
IdentifiabilityGraph-theoretic machine learning
Optimization on manifoldMathematical foundation of machine learning

Research example: some fancy figures