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A small potato who is dumb and knows too little.

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I am looking for faculty position

(early career) postdoc, advisors: Stephen Vavasis, Hans De Sterck
Combinatorics and Optimization, UWaterloo, 🇨🇦
ms\({\color{red}x}\)   where \({\color{red}x} = \lfloor \pi \rfloor\)

Research: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization + more, see Overview
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Numbers: preprint 1, journal 5, conference 11, cited-by 163, h-index 7, i10-index 6, Erdös number 5


  • May 28. One paper submitted to NIPS21. Wish me good luck!

  • May 4. Two papers (pdf and pdf) accepted by EUSIPCO21

  • Where I will be at virtually

    • SIAM OP21 (Jul 20-23)

    • EUSIPCO21 (August 23-27), two papers accepted: pdf and pdf