Andersen ANG 🇭🇰

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  • I am looking for postdoc position in the academic year 2021

  • I am so dumb and I know too little.

  • Research – Topics related to Matrix and Tensor Factorization :
    Numerical linear and multilinear algebra, Numerical Optimization, Algorithm, Modelling, Applications


  • 2020.08 I have submitted my PhD thesis, I hope it is not too bad.

  • 2020.05 My alma mater (HKU) just made a video on my story on ‘‘How to Plan for Your Postgraduate Studies’’.

  • 2020.04 This paper is accepted for publication as a regular paper in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

  • 2020.04 The ICASSP 2020 presentation video of this paper is now available here, and slide.