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Extrapolated Alternating Algorithms for Approximate Canonical Polyadic Decomposition

[Conference preprint] [MATLAB : available after paper acceptance]

Blind Audio Source Separation with Minimum-Volume Beta-Divergence NMF

What : journal version of C7 with theorem on identifiability [Preprint under review] [MATLAB]

Journal Papers

J3. Algorithms and Comparisons of Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Volume Regularization for Hyperspectral Unmixing

What : journal version of C4, with assymetric non-separability and nuclear norm regularisation
Take away : logdet-volume regularisation is generally better than the det-volume regularisation

J2. Accelerating Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithms using Extrapolation

What : solve NMF using extrapolation – update \(W^* = W_n + \beta(W_n - W)\) where \(W_n\) and \(W\) are the previous two iterates and \(\beta \in [0,1]\) (similarly for \(H\)).
Take away : current fastest deterministic computation of NMF
[DOI], [arXiv], [MATLAB], [Slide], [Old slide 1], [Old slide 2, for IMSP2018]
An example by running the MATLAB code (link above) for 10seconds. (for the figure below, right click “open image in new tab”)


Conference papers

C7. Séparation aveugle de sources sonores par factorization en matrices positives avec pénalité sur le volume du dictionnaire

What : blind audio source separation via logdet-volume regularized \(\beta\)-NMF [GRETSI2019 conference preprint IN FRENCH]

C6. Accelerating Nonnegative Tensor Factorization Algorithms using Extrapolation

What : extension of J2 to tensor [GRETSI2019 conference preprint] [HAL archive] [MATLAB]

C5. Minimum-Volume Rank-deficient Non-negative Matrix Factorizations

What : empirical findings that volume regularised NMF also works for rank deficient case, first study on relaxing the full rank assumption on factor matrix in minimum volume NMF [IEEE ICASSP 2019 conference preprint][MATLAB]

C4. Volume regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorisations

What : an iteratively reweighed least square formulation for minimising log-determinant regularized NMF
[IEEE WHISPERS 2018 conference preprint], [Short slide], [Full slide(2018-May-18)],

Given the black dots, find the red dots. 

Other stuffs : presentations / posters

2017.08.28 Log-determinant constrained Non-negative Matrix Factorization
[Poster presentation in Autumn School : Optimization in Machine Learning and Data Science, in Trier University, Trier, Germany]
My second presentation, got some advices from Stephen Wright during the autumn school.

2017.05.19 A Low-rank regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization Model
[A short presentation in front of Stephen Boyd, Yurri Nesterov and Francois Glineur in UCL, Belgium]
My first presentation after I started my PhD in Belgium since 2017-Feb. I have to admit, the meeting was super exciting.

Old works before 2017.02

C3. Leveraging videos and forums for small-class learning experience in a MOOC environment [link]

C2. A Non-negative Tensor Factorization Approach to Feature Extraction for Image Analysis [link]

C1. A User-friendly Wearable Single-channel EOG-based Human-Computer Interface for Cursor Control [link]

J1. Efficient Implementation and Design of A New Single-Channel Electrooculography-based Human-Machine Interface System [link]

See “Old things”.
In short : applied researches focusing on biomedical signal processing.

Work in progress

  • Accelerating Block Coordinate Descent algorithms for Non-negative Canonical Polyadic Decomposition

  • Fast majorization minimisation for non-negative tensor completion based on log-determinant of covariance matrix

  • Electrical Load Profiling via \(L_0\)-norm constrained NMF by fast iPALM

  • On stochastic algorithms for non-negative matrix factorizations

  • On Nonlinear multi-step optimisation methods for non-negative matrix factorizations

  • Phase transition boundary of minimum volume matrix factorisation problem : the rank-deficient cases and the asymmetric non-separable cases
    What : The theoretical paper on proving the phase transition boundary between solvable and unsolvable problems in convex hull fitting problems of volume regularised NMF under rank deficient cases and asymmetric non-separable cases (long project)