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A. Ang, Waqas Hamed, Hans De Sterck,
''Sum-of-norms regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization''

X Huang, A. Ang, K Huang, J. Zhang, Y. Wang,
''Inhomogeneous graph signal estimation via a penalty''

Flavia Esposito, A. Ang,
"Chordal-NMF with Riemannian Multiplicative Update"

Valentin Leplat, Andersen Ang, Anh Huy Phan, Nicolas Gillis,
''Constrained Ordinary Differential Equations with implicit solvers for numerical optimization''

Journal Papers

A. Ang, Hans De Sterck, Steve Vavasis, ''MGProx: A nonsmooth multigrid proximal gradient method with adaptive restriction for strongly convex optimization''
SIAM Journal of Optimization, to appear, 2024
arXiv | Matlab (to be updated)

A.M.S. Ang, J.E. Cohen, N. Gillis, L.T.K. Hien,
‘‘Accelerating Block Coordinate Descent for Nonnegative Tensor Factorization’’,
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 2021
DOI | arXiv | Matlab

V. Leplat, N. Gillis and A.M.S. Ang,
‘‘Blind Audio Source Separation with Minimum-Volume Beta-Divergence NMF’’,
IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing, 2020
DOI | arXiv | Matlab | video

A.M.S. Ang and N. Gillis,
‘‘Algorithms and Comparisons of Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Volume Regularization for Hyperspectral Unmixing’’,
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2019
DOI | arXiv

A.M.S. Ang and N. Gillis,
‘‘Accelerating Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithms using Extrapolation’’,
Neural Computation, 2019
DOI | arXiv | Matlab

J.F. Wu, A.M.S. Ang, Z.G. Zhang, K.M. Tsui, H.C. Wu, Y.S. Hung, S.C. Chan,
‘‘Efficient Implementation and Design of A New Single-Channel Electrooculography-based Human-Machine Interface System“,
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 2015

Conference papers

V. Leplat, A Phan, A. Ang,
''Inexact higher-order proximal algorithms for tensor factorization'', IEEE SSP2023
DOI | pdf | poster

A. Ang, J. Ma, N. Liu, K. Huang, Y. Wang,
‘‘Fast Projection onto the Capped Simplex with Applications to Sparse Regression in Bioinformatics’’
NeurIPS21, Dec. 6-14, 2021, virtual
pdf | arXiv | slideLive

A. Ang, V. Leplat, N. Gillis,
‘‘Fast algorithm for complex-NMF with application to source separation’’
EUSIPCO21, Aug. 23-27, 2021, virtual
pdf | Matlab | video

O. V. Thanh, A. Ang, N. Gillis, L.T.K. Hien,
‘‘Inertial Majorization-Minimization Algorithm for Minimum-Volume NMF’’
EUSIPCO21, Aug. 23-27, 2021, virtual
pdf | Matlab

A.M.S. Ang, N. Gillis, A. Vandaele, H. De Sterck,
‘‘Nonnegative Unimodal Matrix Factorization’’,
ICASSP21, June 6-11, 2021, virtual
DOI | pdf | video

A.M.S. Ang, J.E. Cohen, L.T.K. Hien and N. Gillis,
‘‘Extrapolated Alternating Algorithms for Approximate Canonical Polyadic Decomposition’’,
ICASSP 2020, May 4-8, 2020, virtual
DOI | pdf | HAL | Matlab | video | slide
(update 2020 09 24) Errata in the paper, presentation video and the slide: in line 9 of Algorithm 2, the ‘‘max’’ should be ‘‘min’’, and there should be a multiplying in the update of .

V. Leplat, N. Gillis, X. Siebert, A.M.S. Ang,
‘‘Séparation aveugle de sources sonores par factorization en matrices positives avec pénalité sur le volume du dictionnaire’’,
GRETSI2019, Aug. 26-29, 2019, Lille, France
pdf (in French)

A. Ang, J.E. Cohen, N. Gillis,
‘‘Accelerating Approximate Nonnegative Canonical Polyadic Decomposition using Extrapolation’’,
GRETSI2019, Aug. 26-29, 2019, Lille, France
pdf | HAL | Matlab

V. Leplat, A.M.S. Ang, N. Gillis,
‘‘Minimum-Volume Rank-Deficient Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations’’,
ICASSP2019, May 12-17, 2019, Brighton, UK
DOI | pdf | Matlab

A.M.S. Ang and N. Gillis,
‘‘Volume regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorizations’’,
IEEE WHISPERS 2018, Sep. 23-26, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands
DOI | pdf | slide

C.U. Lei, Y.C.A. Yeung, T.T.O. Kwok, R. Lau and A. Ang,
‘‘Leveraging videos and forums for small-class learning experience in a MOOC environment’’,
IEEE TALE 2016, Dec. 7-9, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand
DOI | pdf

A.M.S. Ang, Y.S. Hung, Z. Zhang,
‘‘A Non-negative Tensor Factorization Approach to Feature Extraction for Image Analysis’’,
IEEE DSP 2016, Oct. 16-18, 2016, Beijing, China
DOI | pdf

A.M.S. Ang, Z.G. Zhang, Y.S. Hung and J.N.F. Mak,
‘‘A User-friendly Wearable Single-channel EOG-based Human-Computer Interface for Cursor Control’’,
IEEE/EMBS NER2015, Apr. 22-24, 2015, Montpellier, France
DOI | pdf


Ph.D (Doctorat en sciences de lingénieur et technologie)
A.M.S. Ang,
‘‘Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations: Models, Algorithms and Applications’’,
Université de Mons, 2020
Thesis | Errata | Public defence slide | Public defence video

M.Phil (Biomedical Engineering)
A.M.S. Ang,
‘‘Non-negative Matrix and Tensor Factorization with Applications to Feature Extractions’’,
University of Hong Kong, 2016

B.Eng (Electronic and Communication Engineering)
A.M.S. Ang,
‘‘Single Channel Hybrid EEG/EOG-based Brain Computer Interface’’,
University of Hong Kong, 2014

Collection of the earliest papers

Forward-backward method

  • Gregory B Passty,
  • Ergodic convergence to a zero of the sum of monotone operators in Hilbert space
  • Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Volume 72, Issue 2, December 1979, Pages 383-390

Multiplicative update

  • W. H. Richardson,
  • Bayesian-based Iterative Method of Image Restoration,
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America, 62, (1972), pp. 55–59.


  • R. P. Fedorenko,
  • A relaxation method for solving elliptic difference equations,
  • USSR Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, 1 (1962), pp. 1092–1096.